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Our Business started as a cigar sales division of our parent company PT. Mangli Djaya Raya which was established in 1960. In 2009 the Mangli Djaya Raya Cigar division began releasing cigar products for the first time, namely Airlangga cigars and Brawijaya cigars. These two products were only marketed to the local market in 2013. After our division had been in operation for 11 years, in 2020 we began to operate independently and changed our name to PT. Besuki Raya Cigar.

In 2020, PT. Besuki Raya Cigar released its first product, Rojo Blanco. This was follower by My Lockdown cigars and Lauk Daun cigars in 2021. Our first premium product El Gaucho was released in 2022 with two variants: El Gaucho Premium and El Gaucho Fantastico. These products have received recognition from many aficionados as one of the best cigars in Indonesia. In addition to that, since 2018, our company has also started accepting private labels order.

Join us on a journey of indulgence and appreciation for the exquisite flavors of Indonesian cigars. Experience the essence of Indonesian craftsmanship and the allure of our tobacco heritage with Besuki Raya CIgar.


From generation to generation, tobacco is part of our lives. Indonesia's nature proves an abundance of extraordinary fertility which helps farmers and companies prosper from each strand of this golden leaf.

Our cigars are also blended with a variety of tobacco from around the world, so as to create a unique taste from each blend. Our company does not only prosper the local economy, but also becomes part of the international economic chain. We also take a role in introducing cigars as a cultural heritage, this is also important for building Indonesian cigar as a national identity in the eyes of the world.


"To be the premier ambassador of Indonesian cigar craftmanship, showcasing the rich heritage and exceptional quality of Indonesian cigars to the world."


  • Craftmanship : We strive for excellence in every cigar we create, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a dedication to the art of tobacco blending and rolling
  • Quality : We source the finest tobacco, not just from Indonesia, but from all corners of the world including Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua, picking the leaves from select regions known for their unique flavors and characteristics. Our cigars undergo strict quality control to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience.
  • Heritage Preservation : We are committed to honoring and preserving the rich history and traditions of Indonesian tobacco cultivation and craftsmanship. By promoting the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesian cigars, we aim to elevate the global recognition of Indonesian tobacco heritage.
  • Customer Satisfaction : We prioritize customer satisaction by consistently delivering exceptional products and services. We listen to our customers' preferences and feedback, ensuring that our cigars meet their discerning tastes and provide an unforgettable smoking experience. We are never satisfied with our progress as we continue tp learn in order to make the best cigars.
  • Sustainabilty : We are dedicate to sustainable practices througout our operations, from sourcing tobacco responsibly to minimizing waste and supporting the local communities involved in the tobacco industry.


We are supported by great people who make sure that the tobacco is grown and cared for in the best way. Most of them have worked for decades in this industry.

The farmers are part of our family, who contribute a lot in maintaining the supply of quality tobacco. They work wholeheartedly to ensure that every leaf that we process becomes a worthy product to compete in the international cigar industry.


After tobacco leaves are harvested and brought to our drying facility, the tobacco will be fermented causing changes in its physical and chemical structure so that they become ideal for making cigars. The fermentation stages of cigar tobaccos can take as long as 8 (eight) months. Then each leaf that has passed quality control is re-selected according to the specification / grades that have been set. The chosen leaves must then go through an aging process before being made into cigar. Most of our cigar are made from leaves that are at least 3 (three) years old.

After storing the tobacco for 3 (three) years, we started making our cigars with the tobacco leaves. The whole process of making cigar is done by hand. This traditional technique ensures that each of our cigars is created not just as a commodity, but also as a work of art. Everything is done by the best rollers, who has learned this technique through generations. This proves that our work is one of an important cultural heritages that need to be preserved.

After rolling the cigars, we store our cigars into a resting room. In there, our cigar will rest for at least 3 months, before we proceed to ship it out.

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