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My Lockdown
Introducing My Lockdown, a remarkable cigar brand that emerged during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Crafted with resilience and passion, My Lockdown cigars showcase the unwavering spirit of perseverance. Each cigar is  handcrafted with premium Indonesian tobaccos, delivering an exquisite and robust smoking experience. From the first draw, you’ll be captivated by the complex flavors, with notes of nut, earth and spice, inviting you to savor the triumph over adversity. Embrace the embodiment of strength and indulgence with My Lockdown cigar, a testament to resilience amidst challenging times.

Shape: Parejo
Filler: Long Filler
Ring Gauge: 50
Length: 125 mm
Body: Mild to Medium
Taste: Mild to Medium
Strength: Mild to Medium

Flavor Profile

Nut, Earth, Spice
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