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Brawijaya Cigarillos

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Brawijaya Cigar is an exceptional Indonesian cigar brand that embodies the spirit of tradition and sophistication. Named after King Brawijaya, the ruler of the Majapahit kingdom in Indonesia,  each Brawijaya cigar showcases the finest Indonesian long filler tobaccos, known for their distinct flavors and exceptional quality. From the mini cigarillos to the grand corona, Brawijaya offers a range of sizes to suit different preferences. With a smooth draw, rich aroma, and complex flavor profile, Brawijaya Cigars provide a truly indulgent smoking experience. Experience the essence of Indonesian craftsmanship and elegance with Brawijaya Cigars, the epitome of refined enjoyment.

Shape: Parejo
Filler: Long Filler
Ring Gauge: 24
Length: 100 mm
Body: Mild
Taste: Mild
Strength: Mild

Flavor Profile

Spice, Pepper, Chocolate, Earth and Herbs

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