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Rojo Blanco Half Corona

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Rojo Blanco Cigars offer a diverse range of sizes, ensuring that every aficionado finds their perfect match. From the compact cigarillos and panatella to the impressive and commanding half corona and petite robusto, these cigars cater to all preferences. Whether you prefer a shorter smoke for a quick indulgence or a longer, leisurely experience, Rojo Blanco cigars have you covered. No matter the size, each cigar boasts the brand’s signature blend of premium Indonesian tobaccos delivering a harmonious combination of flavors and an exceptional smoking journey. The Rojo Blanco cigars are all uniquely wrapped with our Maduro and Oscuro Indonesian wrappers, also known locally as the Javano tobaccos. Discover the perfect size to suit your taste with Rojo Blanco Cigars.

Shape: Parejo
Filler: Short Filler
Ring Gauge: 38
Length: 115 mm
Body: Medium
Taste: Medium
Strength: Medium

Flavor Profile

Bitter, Cream, Spice and Pepper

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