Masks and hazmat or gown cover all to healthcare and frontline workers

Indonesia's under-equipped doctors are battling a tide of COVID-19 infections that is overwhelming its creaky healthcare system - and killing their colleagues. Two dozen doctors have died since the pandemic began in the Southeast Asian nation. Hospitals don't have enough basic protective gear - never mind sophisticated ventilators - leaving many poorly paid doctors to battle the virus with little more than plastic rain ponchos. Supplies are running so low at his hospital that some colleagues rely on donations from family members to buy the few available certified hazardous material suits. The rest rely on the hospital's supply and they've got to wait.


A lot of health workers have spouses and children at home, but they still brave the challenges. Doctors are scarce in Indonesia and if they die we'll have fewer people to treat patients. Indonesia has fewer than four doctors for every 10,000 people, according to World Health Organization data - far below hard-hit Italy (about 40) or South Korea (about 24).

PT Mangli Djaya Raya has hundreds protective face masks, hazmat / gown all cover to donate to healthcare and other frontline public workers in their battle against COVID-19 — it is one of much-needed personal protective equipment to frontline workers since the pandemic hit indonesia especially in Jember city. In collaboration with hospitals in jember pt mangli djaya raya hopes that this pandemic will end soon.We, brethren of the Union, must recognize that today is the time to show our compassion and loving-kindness for each other. Let’s fight COVID-19 together.